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Regulations & Provisional Rules for the Classification of Wing in Ground Effect Craft 2008

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Reason for withdrawal:
Recognising a potential growth in the use of WIG craft, Lloyd’s Register developed a set of Provisional Rules for the Classification of WIGs around 10 years ago.  The Provisional designation for these Rules recognised that there  was not a large reference list of prior projects to act as a baseline for the new Rule requirements and that the Rules would need to be updated as experience was gained.
However, experience with the few projects that have attempted to apply the Provisional Rules to date has indicated that, although the requirements are technically sound, their application is not practical in the WIG market.
This is because the goal-setting nature of the Provisional Rules requires the designer to justify their design from basics rather than follow more prescriptive requirements.  Although this approach is proven in other sectors, typically these are for much higher-value assets, or assets with much higher production runs from a single design, able to withstand the overhead costs associated with the design justification process.  Similarly, for Lloyd’s Register, the essential verification that the requirements have been fully met we would need to carry out before the WIG could be classed is a considerable task and the level of fee we would need to charge to complete this work is unlikely to be sustainable by the WIG design and build project.
As a result, Lloyd’s Register has concluded that it must withdraw the Provisional Rules for the Classification of WIGs.
Bearing in mind that the WIG would need to comply with various statutory requirements, Lloyd’s Register may be able to use its experience to date to assist designers and builders understand such requirements as they prepare their submissions to the relevant regulators.